a snowy day at uiuc

20 Feb 2010 by uiucnopants, 13 Comments »

Isn’t the part of your body that would normally be covered with, say, PANTS, a little cold?

The purple shirt doesn’t quite cut it, sorry.

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  1. johan says:

    one theme i’ve noticed over these posts is that none of the girls are wearing tights, they’re leggings. they may hug the ass like tights but they’re as thick as denim.

    try posting some actual girls in tights and your blog might get some kudos

  2. uiucnopants says:

    There is not always a clear-cut line between leggings and tights, and sometimes thin leggings are even more ass-revealing than thick tights.

    Thanks for the feedback though — we’re doing our best to capture the worst offenders with our limited time and resources.

  3. ROFL!!!! omg. haha! xD

  4. Moi says:

    This is surely the best fashion idea ever.

  5. khm says:

    haha! Whatever, leggings still are not pants…and I would argue just about as horrific as tights (whatever the arbitrary difference may be)

    I’m looking forward to seeing more photos.

  6. Shanequa Smith says:

    damn this girl looks great! legging are so much better than jeans! you (whoever made this site) needs to get a life or perhaps be sued because im pretty sure this is illegal. u r a creep taking pics of ppl u dont even know what the hell is wrong with u….i wear legging everyday and if i make this site u will be sorry i will report this u idiot ill expel from uiuc and then ull have parkland community college no pants.com

    • not exactly... says:


      It would be illegal if they came into your house and took photos of you. However, you’re in a public space. As such, they can take as many photos as they want, and they can do anything they want with the photos. No laws being broken here. Good luck expelling them.

      And seriously, chill out!

  7. Beenz says:

    I am a guy and this lady is very attractive in this outfit.

  8. Mr Rio says:

    wow i want to gnaw, like a dog on a bone

  9. Pants on the Ground says:

    Dearest Shanequa,

    I realize it might be difficult for you to regonize that your taste in “fashion” is from 1981, but you must admit, the tights/leggings are not attractive.


    Looking Like a Fool With Your Pants on the Ground

  10. bonerinmypants says:

    holy shit! look at that ass! damn

  11. I truly an thankful for all the grueling work that you have devoted to keeping this site going. I seriously hope this remains for a good long while.

  12. Rico Suave says:

    She must be a theta!

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