Archive for March, 2010

26 Mar

Banking with NoPants

Well, I guess the bank tellers will never know… This photo was submitted to us by an anonymous banker, who

25 Mar

C-Street NoPants

We now have photographic evidence that the nopants phenomenon/disaster/epidemic is happening in Downtown Champaign. It’s starting to look like nowhere

24 Mar

pink bookbag nopants

Another gem of a photo from an anonymous contributor! This nopantster is stationary. While she waits for the bus, or

23 Mar

UIUCnopants on My College Guide

More attention from the press for UIUCnopants! We have been featured in an article by My College Guide: University of

22 Mar

bookbag: check. Pants: still on the todo list.

Imagine what a nopantster’s morning routine must be like… bookbag? check. do hair? check. boots? check. pants? uhhh…. who put

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