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21 Mar

what do we even call these? nopants? noshorts??

Contributed by 20S8 who took this baffling, spring themed nopants shot on the quad near the Foreign Language Building. Really,

20 Mar

the street sign should be a nopants xing instead

Street sign conveniently points to a nopantster. This is not the first time this has happened. (Wright & Armory)

19 Mar

nearly overlooked nopants

These nopants were nearly overlooked!! But we did (barely) manage to catch this Uggs-folding nopanster on film. (Wright St., in

18 Mar

a quintessential nopanster

Today we were featured in a Daily Illini opinion blog written by a self-declared nopanster! Apparently pointing out the obvious

17 Mar

Hipster cafe. Hipster and nonhipster, both with nopants

And tonight, a contribution by Diva, who made TWO nopants sightings in one outing to Paradiso! The horror! Diva describes

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