Archive for March, 2010

16 Mar

NoPants at the ARC

Here is a girl who stopped at the Courtside Café, not wearing pants. Normally at the ARC we would forgive

15 Mar

NoPants = Major Leg Definition

Sometimes, seeing a nopantster walk by is better than taking a class in anatomy. (Green & Mathews)

14 Mar

Cosmo NoPants in the Dark

A somewhat atypical UIUCnopants… Tights are not pants. But more importantly, Cosmo covers are not skirts. Perhaps headed for one

13 Mar

Blinded by the NoPants

If I were nopants, where would I be? Some of our contributors answered that question by heading straight for the

12 Mar

North of Green NoPants

In honor of Engineering Open House 2010, going on today and Saturday, we present a special UIUCnopants edition: nopants sightings

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