The Green NoPants

6 Mar 2010 by uiucnopants, 7 Comments »

Another shot from Unofficial 2010!

Triple whammy!

Spreading the Unofficial tradition of green… without the use of pants.

This photo courtesy of The Sober Nopantster!

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  1. el_annoy says:

    I’m tired, but am I seeing this right? Besides the girl in green leggings (which are not pants), are there 3 other girls in black leggings (which are not pants) in this photo? MY GOD! MAKE IT STOP!

  2. The Sober Nopantster says:

    You indeed would be right. Funnily enough, my eyes were so drawn to the green nopants that I failed to notice the other three. If this were Scrabble or some other game that involves combos, I would be kicking ass, or something like that.

    • uiucnopants says:

      Yes, TSN definitely gets the triple-word score here in the Scrabble game of UIUCnopants. I’m not sure if you can get quadruple scores in that game, but this photo would merit one. It is truly amazing.

  3. CHRONMAN says:

    Look at all those SDT GIRLS!!!! Rockin their fanny packs and green jerseys. Keep up the no pants tradition SDT!!! Your house takes the nopants level to the extreme

  4. polish says:

    come to IT. it is the no pants breeding ground!!

  5. barneasy says:

    Ya it’s where they breed the SDTs

  6. mouser says:


    Sorry. My Berzerker Rage is triggered by North Face, so as you can see, it’s pretty much always on.

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