Wardrobe Malfunction NoPants

29 Mar 2010 by uiucnopants, 10 Comments »

When wearing nopants outfits with long shirts, it’s important to beware that MISTAKES CAN HAPPEN. Mind your backpack!!

Thanks to Lindsay for the contribution!

Taken at the Illini Union bus stop, quickly becoming infamous for its numerous nopants sightings.

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  1. getmorganized says:

    hey her sweater thing is pulled up by her backpack…she clearly didnt mean for this slight mishap.

    and previous comment…”fat chick” is really a shitty way of sayin curvy laday.

    • uiucnopants says:

      Ahh yes, so you are suggesting we may have mis-categorized this as a nopants when in reality it is a simple WARDROBE MALFUNCTION.

      Quite possible.

      • yoyomama says:

        So you’re saying that because she didn’t intend for people to see her lack of pants that makes it valid? I don’t think so. Sweater != Dress just as Tights != Pants

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  3. Alex says:

    Why did a girl contribute this???

  4. Janelle says:

    I agree that nopants are not cool at all, but I’m really not sure what your captions on this picture are supposed to convey. If putting others down anonymously on the Internet makes any of you feel better, please go and try getting a life. Or therapy. It might be a tad more fulfilling. I thought this site was a light-hearted poke at a new trend. I see now what it is turning into, and I won’t be back anytime soon. For students at the University of Illinois, it seems you have much to learn!

    • uiucnopants says:

      @yoyomama: Yeah we pretty much agree with you. Wardrobe malfunctions are not a blame-free situation. Say no to wardrobe-malfunciton-prone outfits! (Coincidentally, many nopants outfits seem to fall into this category. Hmm…)

      @Alex: Why not?

      @Janelle: Sorry you are so dissatisfied with our caption for this picture! If only we had come up with something a bit more clever… : /

  5. Janel says:

    I’ll second that this nopants outfit is an absolute travesty, but BaronVonKeup, I think you are WAY out of line making a remark like that about her body. This young lady may be lacking in fashion sense, but it is wildly inappropriate to make a comment like that implying a different standard of beauty for people with her body type. I’m not sure what was meant by that caption either, but the same might go for that as well. There’s enough hate and lack of affirmation in the world for women carrying a few more pounds, we shouldn’t bring that onto a website that (I think) is meant in good humor to critique fashion trends. Hopefully she can laugh at herself for being on this site, please don’t turn that into a negative experience.

  6. Janelle says:

    Thanks, nopants, for being cool about it. I obviously came back! And Janel, I appreciate your comments.

    • uiucnopants says:

      @Janelle and Janel: based on your concerns, we’ve changed both the captions and the title of this post. It is not our intention to ever critique the bodies of girls pictured on this site, only the fashion that they choose to subscribe to. We urge girls to choose styles that not only involve pants (or pants alternatives, like skirts, etc.), but styles that are flattering to them (and there are different styles that make every shape and size look good). Thanks for the thoughtful responses, and we hope to continue poking fun at the fashion sense of girls (and occasional guys) from UIUC in a non-discouraging, fun way.

      We are also removing BaronVonKeup’s inappropriate comment.

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