Attack of the Canary NoPants

24 Apr 2010 by uiucnopants, 3 Comments »

Okay, so these aren’t exactly nopants. Her butt is thoroughly covered.

Usually, hilarious outfits that don’t fall quite in the nopants category are safe from this blog. This means you can wear jumpsuits/rompers to your heart’s content (well, actually, don’t, but you don’t need to worry about ending up on UIUCnopants, just about how you’re going to finagle going to the bathroom in one of those things).

However, we make three exceptions tonight, just to bring you the latest and greatest up-to-date news on the nopants trend: yellow.

YELLOW?!?! There are probably a few less flattering colors for nopants (beige, anyone?) but yellow is pretty far down there.

Ace77man sent us the photo above, warning (or informing us) that the canary had arrived. Now we can’t look at yellow nopants in any other way.

We hoped this was just one of those flukey accidents. No one else would do this, right??

But unfortunately, that was not the end. About 10 days ago, the second canary nopantster made its way to our inbox…

Stephanie was appalled to find out, thanks to this blatant offender, that they even MAKE yellow nopants (really, it just seems like a bad idea).

She described the scene perfectly herself: “In the darkness of Canopy Club, I initially thought this girl was pantless. It scared the Piano Man, friends, and that in itself is frightening.”

And again, we na├»vely thought it was over. But no. A mere two days later, a picture, labeled “neon nopants at joe’s” arrived in our Twitter feed, via @mjk5025.

We’re not of the opinion that you need to get dressed up to go to campus bars… getting dressed at ALL is sometimes too much to ask (we know, we know). And certainly partying without pants is not nearly as offensive as walking across the quad at high noon with no pants.

But please. Yellow? Consider covering your lower half in something a bit more substantial than highlighter next time you go out.

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  1. ace77man says:

    These are totally off the wall!!! Thanks for the shouts :)
    Peace, Ace77man

  2. Steve says:

    I like the first pic. I think the yellow tights work :)

  3. elisia says:

    I think the first picture is cool! What a way to make a fashion statement.

    The other two are just…urgh…no pants.

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