Archive for April, 2010

20 Apr

iPod Toting NoPants

Spotted once again at the infamous Wright & Green crosswalk, this nopantster strolled along to the beat of her own

19 Apr

No Generation Gap NoPants

It was like Mom’s Weekend rolled around and everyone thought, “how should I celebrate? Oh, I know… without pants!” Well,

18 Apr

Lookalike NoPantsters

Nopantster #1. Nopantster #2. Jihyun sent us these two pictures of nearly identically dressed nopantsters, both by the Psych Building.

17 Apr

Your Mom NoPants

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen when nopants meets ‘yo mamma’ jokes… walking around campus today, the Saturday of

16 Apr

Late to Class NoPants

Insider secrets of nopants photography: if you’re already 5 minutes late to class and the quad and hallways are completely

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