Archive for April, 2010

16 Apr

More Six-Pack NoPants XING

Check out all the black and white stripes in this picture. Turns out the Six-Pack is a definite NoPants Crossing

15 Apr

Spring Has Sprung NoPants

This photo was sent in by Kevin near the ARC at some point last week before “spring” abruptly ended and

15 Apr

UIUCnopants Makes the News!

In the past day there’s been a swarm of media buzz about UIUCnopants, mostly thanks to the great people over

14 Apr

Day Party NoPants

With spring in full swing and days getting longer, UIUC students can no longer afford to only party at nights

13 Apr

If You’re Wearing NoPants, But No One Sees You…

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it… same issue. If a nopantster

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