Archive for April, 2010

12 Apr

‘UggBro’ NoPants

WARNING: This picture is NOT from UIUC: Introducing, the UggBro. Andrew Mahon, defender of the cause, sent us this picture

11 Apr

Side View NoPants

Usually, we, the students at UIUC, spend our days walking in single profile lines. We normally experience a nopantster sighting

10 Apr

Turning Your Friends In to UIUCNoPants

We advise friends not to let friends wear nopants. I guess the second-best option is to send their pictures in

9 Apr

Yet Another Quad NoPants

Are people sick of wearing nopants and walking across the quad yet??? Oh wait, I guess not. Come on people!!

8 Apr

April Showers NoPants

Yesterday’s crazy storm, experienced in nopants. Apparently, contributor DC couldn’t help but whip out a cell phone, in spite of

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