Rainy Day NoPants

4 Apr 2010 by uiucnopants, 2 Comments »

Nopants are not allergic to water. In fact, they gain strength in water, because they can be paired with a nopanster’s second favorite pair of shoes: the rainboots.

Also, is anyone else noticing the trend with nopantsters and their fascination with pink accessories? We have backpacks, shoes, and umbrellas so far. The pink nopants themselves are a bit rarer (we have seen them once, at the mall, as Sam noted below). However, most nopantsters opt for traditional black leggings.

(Sorry about the blurry pics on this one. Hopefully you all are still convinced these are nopants. We swear they are. Photo taken at the corner of 6th and Green.)

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  1. Sam says:

    I thought those crazy nopants from the mall were pink, no?

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