Side View NoPants

11 Apr 2010 by uiucnopants, 5 Comments »

Usually, we, the students at UIUC, spend our days walking in single profile lines. We normally experience a nopantster sighting in one of two ways:

1) Following a nopantster down the quad being subjected to all that ass-definition
2) Seeing nopantsters walk past you the opposite direction, wondering why they chose such a short shirt

Rarer is the side view of a nopantster. But just as pantsless.

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  1. Erin says:

    Hasn’t the season for Uggs come and gone already? I thought all the cool nopansters had moved on to flip flops by now!

  2. Kent Brockman says:

    Breaking News!!
    Offender has been identified as tri delta’s own Michelle Ripple!

  3. nopantster says:

    Erin, too bad this pic was probably taken in mid-March… should have sent this in a month ago..
    Kent, I know who u are… (Hati, Analise, Dick, Marianne, Carol, or Jennifer–bitches haha)


  4. A guy says:

    She is so hot in those leggings

  5. j says:

    i think she lost her horse

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