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17 Apr 2010 by uiucnopants, No Comments »

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen when nopants meets ‘yo mamma’ jokes…

walking around campus today, the Saturday of Mom’s Weekend at UIUC, should have given you the answer.

Mom’s Weekend events were hoppin’ all around campus – moms and daughters (and the occasional son) were swarming all the stores and restaurants in town, including Dos Reales in Urbana, where this photo was taken.

We have Abbey and her mom to thank for this photo (making them the first-ever UIUCnopants mother-daughter team!!) They aptly noted how the nopantster mom pictured here so fashionbly paired her lace-bottomed nopants with white socks and Mary Janes.

Very subtle outfit indeed.

Alas, there is no evidence of a UIUC Chapter of Mothers Against NoPants.

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