Leopard Print NoPants

1 May 2010 by uiucnopants, 3 Comments »

It was inevitable.

Now that nopants is a well-established trend, more and more people are deciding to move away from the standard black leggings to something a bit more unique.

Last week we learned that nopants come in outrageous colors like yellow. This week, we discover two nopantsters that have a thing for prints.

Thanks to Sammi for the photo, taken at 5th and Green by Potbelly’s.

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  1. Gangavarapu says:

    fantastic tutorial below! i alluacty bought some crochet flowers and have been searching for some mohair flowers too, but the latter has been more difficult. i didn’t know that bridal trim could look so amazing! i think i might experiment with some organza rosettes. will report back when i’ve destroyed my tights!! oh, LOVELY outfit. and those shoes are too too cute. i didn’t even notice the contrasting white and black platform until later. xx

  2. Bakri says:

    Not sure. This is a student of fsaoihn in a city of ultra-high fsaoihn. Without criticism, I’m not sure the statement she presents advances anything fresh or innovative. The background has more punch. Catch her again, Mr. Mole, and give her another chance to eclipse the background.

  3. Mari says:

    Bedankt voor je comment op mijn blog!Ik wist hlameael niet dat je nederlands was, totdat ik net het stukje las bij je profiel! Wat grappig hoe je daar terecht bent gekomen zeg! Echt een gaaf verhaal. Ik heb je trouwens bij mijn favourites gezet!x!

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