Archive for May, 2010

11 May

Twilight NoPants

And we don’t mean that silly book/movie about cute vampires. The best thing we can say about wearing nopants on

10 May

Friends Forever NoPants

Probably the best-case scenario for nopants is right here: in the midst of BFF love. We do remind you of

9 May

Dining Hall NoPants

Dining halls and classrooms: where nopants like to ambush you. Innocently eating or sitting at your desk. Then someone stands

8 May

Sweatshirt and NoPants

Yet another nopants outfit that should have stayed within your dorm room / apartment, seen on Green Street. I thought

7 May

I don’t even remember what pants are NoPants

Pretty sure her shirt says “Seen it, done it, but can’t remember most of it” or some variant. Such as

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