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6 Jun 2010 by uiucnopants, 1 Comment »

Brittany and Cody, two Illini vacationing in Hawaii, sent us this photo and story:

“These nopants offenders were at the top of Diamond Head volcano in O’ahu, Hawaii. The hike wasn’t particularly taxing enough for purely athletic clothes to be appropriate, so unless these girls were in the middle of a more strenuous routine or forgot their pants at the bottom…

I know it’s nowhere near UIUC, but as two Illini who are deeply concerned with this issue, we thought it very urgent to show the spread of the epidemic to the country’s westernmost border.”

So true, Brittany. Just because the blog focuses on UIUC doesn’t mean the problem is at all limited to UIUC! We’re sure many of you will travel this summer and find the problem all over the country (or even outside the country). Send your vacation nopants pics our way!

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  1. sasha says:

    First off, Diamond Head is amazing, everyone should visit Oahu. Second, Brittany (assuming shes the one on the left) has a great lower half; Brit, keep up the good work.

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