Archive for August, 2010

31 Aug

Oblivious NoPants

This girl was jamming out to tunez, typing away at her cell phone, and not wearing any pants, oblivious to

30 Aug

School Spirited Friend-of-NoPants

This is a surprisingly common scene. Less than a week into classes, he’s all about this school spirit thing. And

29 Aug

Robot Marshmallow NoPants

It may be HOTTTT at UIUC today, but this picture should give you all something to look forward to. This

26 Aug

White Sox but NoPantz

Those are sure some shiny nopants! Luckily, the dude sitting next to j, today’s contributor, is censoring the TMI-portion of

25 Aug

Kindergarten NoPants

5-year-olds can generally pull off a pretty legit nopants look. So why NOT go for the full kindergarten ensemble if

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