Kindergarten NoPants

25 Aug 2010 by uiucnopants, 4 Comments »

5-year-olds can generally pull off a pretty legit nopants look. So why NOT go for the full kindergarten ensemble if you’re serious about wearing (striped) nopants?

Oh right. Because you go to COLLEGE now.

Then again, rocking a Dora backpack on the quad isn’t a far cry from this nopantster either.

Thanks to Ben and Julia for the first UIUCNoPants submission of Fall 2010!!

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  1. Matt says:

    This picture would be right at home on LATFH.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This website is OBVIOUSLY created by ADULTS who go to COLLEGE and are so MATURE they take pictures of other people and MAKE FUN of them by EMPHASIZING words with CAPS.

    Get a life assholes.

  3. DEIRDRE JANE says:

    BUNCH OF HATERS! Thats the sexiest fit I’ve seen THUS FAR! Maybe yall should get off the haterade and channel your inner child..MIGHT MAKE YOU BETTER PEOPLE.

  4. Anonymous' Girlfriend says:

    This website is stupid. Particularly since they post images of people that actually use leggings for their purpose; underneath longer shirts. Even on its own it is manageable. Clearly, all college students should dress in sweats instead of making some what of an attempt to express themselves.

    That and I could easily tell who these people are. I’d imagine that they may be a problem….

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