Archive for August, 2010

24 Aug

Hideous NoPants

Although this nopantster has appropriately covered her rear, she has ignored two other cardinal fashion rules: 1) No putting multiple

23 Aug

Summer Session NoPants

As the contributor of this picture, b put it, “The bottom of your ass appears to be telling me that

22 Aug

Quad Day 2010 NoPants

Ahh Quad Day, always full of chaos, freshmen, and way too much direct sunlight for those behind the booths. Among

19 Aug

Lakers Literal NoPants

As much as it hurts to say, nopants probably would have helped here. (Or even, you know, shorts.) We can

18 Aug

Mongolia NoPants

And the award for most exotic summer travel nopants spotting goes to… UIUC student “Misterrrr Wong” in the Grasslands of

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