Cloudy with a Chance of NoPants

4 Sep 2010 by uiucnopants, 3 Comments »

And now for your nopants weather report:

With this week’s frequent drizzling, the quad was transformed into ground zero for brightly colored rainboots + black nopants. A cool front moved into Central Illinois on Friday, so the end of the week was marked by girls across campus deciding now is the time to bust out what they’ve got in the fall wardrobe (hint: not pants).

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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  1. lennie says:

    The leggings-as-pants phenomenon is of course a pandemic on the U of I campus, but perhaps you should also explore the equally gross bootie-shorts pandemic. Though these shorts may pose as real pants, in that they have a zipper and button, they should not be in the pants category when there are huge holes in them such that you can see the offender’s underwear, or when they are so short that you can see both the front pocket hanging out, and ass-cheeks in back. You should definitely explore this new no-pants frontier!

    • uiucnopants says:

      Good call, lennie! We’ve been asked about that one on Twitter before, too. Especially ass-cheeks hanging out are DEFINITELY a nopants situation and need to be addressed (possibly on this blog!)

      In general, this blog will focus on the tights-as-pants problem. However, we are willing to accept any UIUC Fashion Fails… you never know what horrible trend this winter could bring. Keep your eyes peeled, and cameras ready, UIUCers!

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