Archive for September, 2010

18 Sep

Game Day NoPants

Pride needs no pants. Seen entering Memorial Stadium for today’s game vs. NIU. Thanks to Snackmaster for this one!

17 Sep

Illini Pride Executive NoPants

Most heartwarming nopants submission yet: “So we are all on the Illini Pride Executive Board and have themed parties every

16 Sep

Party @ 309 NoPants

Partiers at 309, heading out to the balcony, probably to throw whatever remaining pants they have in their wardrobe overboard!

15 Sep

Pittsburgh NoPants

Today’s UIUCNoPants serves as a comforting reminder that, although Chambana, IL is a nopants critical danger zone, we are not

14 Sep

Uggs are Back NoPants

Be warned. It’s mid-September. You thought you could hide from the Uggs forever? Well, you’re WRONG. First Uggs&nopants sighting of

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