Archive for September, 2010

13 Sep

Another Tie-Dye Top & NoPants

Pretty sure this is the same outfit as yesterday’s, only for weather that’s 10 degrees colder. Or else just a

12 Sep

Sorority Rush NoPants

“Sorority rush is like, so tiring that I forgot my pants.” Pictured at the Ikenberry dining hall (which is currently

10 Sep

Booty Shorts Public Service Announcement

By popular demand: let’s all take a moment to pause and reflect on the fact that booty shorts are not

7 Sep

Bottomless Hunger NoPants

No shirt pants no shoes no service… or SO WE THOUGHT!! Apparently you can ditch all below-the-waist articles of clothing

6 Sep

Yet Another Sweatshirt and NoPants

Cloudy with a Chance of NoPants comes to fruition! It’s always a good idea to layer up for class —

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