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2 Oct 2010 by uiucnopants, 4 Comments »

Illinois may not have come away with a victory at today’s home game vs. Ohio State, but fans today united to provide an in-depth nopants update of Big Ten Network Sportscaster Charissa Thompson:

Jasmine D. was the first to realize that apparently, the Big Ten doesn’t require their commentators to wear pants.

Second-time contributor Snackmaster, who has the current title of UIUCNoPants official Game Day correspondent with the NIU game, also caught Charissa on camera.

And finally, Eric keeps it real with an up-close-and-personal pantsless Illinois fan!

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  1. fog says:

    For your enjoyment, a quote from Terry Prachett new book (I shall wear midnight):

    He – and he was quite definitely a he, there was no possible doubt about that – had been carved out of the turf thousands of years before. A white outline against the green, he belonged to the days when people had to think about survival and fertility in a dangerous world.

    Oh, and he had also been carved, or so it would appear, before anyone had invented trousers. In fact, to say that he had no trousers on just didn’t do the job. His lack of trousers filled the world. You simply could not stroll down the little road that passed along the bottom of the hills without noticing that there was an enormous, as it were, lack of something – e.g. trousers – and what was there instead. It was definitely a figure of a man without trousers, and certainly not a woman.

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