NoPants Clonesters & PARTY TONIGHT

21 Oct 2010 by uiucnopants, 2 Comments »

Hey guys, hope you remember that the UIUCNoPants Halloween Party @ Murphy’s is TONIGHT!!

Help turn the new half of Murphy’s into the scariest spot on campus by coming in your nopants. If you’re still not sure what to wear….

Girls: Just look at this website. There should be plenty of erm, inspirational material.
Guys: In addition to the standard tights/leggings, you could go in: underarmour, bike shorts, or even the original nopants: boxers (as long as the correct places are adequately covered…)

But definitely get creative — we will be giving away some pretty amazing prizes for some of the best costumes, including SNUGGIES. Yes, the theme of this party is starting to transcend nopants and become “ridiculous fads of the past several winters”…. we didn’t see it coming either.

to help inspire the FEAR that should be running through your veins right now, Bridget has sent us an entirely appropriate photo, of NOPANTS CLONES near Altgeld (I can already envision the trailer to a corresponding horror movie):

Anyway, come one, come all, bring your friends, win prizes (yes, we have more than snuggies), meet other fans of the blog, the creators, the contributors, and the Pulse Magazine team who has helped organize the party! Wooo!!!

8 PM @ Murphys. Be there.

(And yes, we’re wearing nopants to the party. In fact, we wore them all day to class. If anyone got a photo of us, you get a prize).

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  1. Love those no pants, but the need to have an ass. Let me guess the woke up together and decided to dress that same

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