Seasonal Affective Disorder NoPants

10 Nov 2010 by uiucnopants, 2 Comments »


Sorry for the surprise post-party hiatus — things got busy, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean the nopants epidemic on campus has at all ceased. Party photos in the next few days, plus making up for lost nopants time (our inbox is full of everything but pants).

The anonymous contributor who captured the DREARIEST nopants outfit ever outside of Foellinger likened her monochromaticity to the jolly green giant. Except the jolly green giant at least looks LIVELY, you know, being green.

This, my friends, is just depressing. At least the weather isn’t this bad.

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  1. CPA Network says:

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  2. Shiva says:

    I know you from chictopia.com and I relaly love your fashion style…and I give your photos on my blog..I hope you are not angry…If you are angry so I m sorry and if do you want I delete it…xo fornia (I m so sorry for my english-knowledge..)

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