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Our Purpose:
So tights aren’t pants, and they’ve never been pants. However, people wearing tights (and leggings) as pants is a modern-day epidemic, spreading at alarming rates. Some people feel very strongly that tights ≠ pants. We do too, and so we have set out to document tights-as-pants in one natural habitat: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

But we can’t do this alone! This is a team effort, and YOU can help us out.

How to participate in UIUCnopants:
Next time you’re walking to class and see a pantsless kid in front of you, instead of simply staring in shock, awe, and horror, whip out that cell phone and snap a picture. Then send it over to uiucnopants@gmail.com and if we agree with you that this person is indeed not wearing pants, we’ll post it as the next post we can!

What to include in your UIUCnopants submission:

  • Photo of the offending nopantster
  • Your name, as you would like to be credited on the site
  • Where you took the photo (it should be somewhere in the UIUC campus area)
  • If you’re feeling extra ambitious: A funny title or caption for your photo. Otherwise, we’ll write our own!


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  1. Had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Evan White

    Full interview and story will go live tomorrow morning.

    Away from the lights and cameras, he’s a pretty funny

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