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29 Sep

Pirate NoPants

Aye, UIUC student Turtlebear be at th’ Buccaneer Festival in St. Louis this weekend, an’ reports that at th’ urgin’

27 Sep

Ace the Exam NoPants

The pants police reports to us from Greg Hall: “She said she was ready to take the exam…. So is

26 Sep

Arriving Home in NoPants

Caught twice on camera by Blaire on the way into Busey-Evans Residence Hall. Hopefully stopping back at the dorm to

25 Sep

Backpack Obstruction NoPants

While from this angle, it appears she is wearing shorts, contributor AC has a terrifying story to go along with

23 Sep

Yet Another Ikenberry NoPants

Is there a law that says you’re not allowed to wear pants in this dining hall? Or remove pants, then

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