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10 Jul

Pirate Boots Bag Atrocity NoPants

Love the boots. Hate the purse. Where’s the pants? (Anonymous contributor.) Tweet

2 Jul

I See London, I See France NoPants

Looks like someone took the nursery rhyme a little too far. A note to all tourists: we understand saving suitcase

1 Apr

Thank Goodness for the T-Shirt NoPants

Just. Don’t. Move. Pictured at the Neil Street Espresso Royale Cafe. You think just because you’re slightly off campus you

21 Feb

Celebrating One Year of NoPants

It’s been three months since the last nopants report and still we’re getting a few submissions a week? You guys

30 Nov

Vending Machine NoPants

Here’s a proposal: the Illini Union should help remedy the nopants problem on their premises by installing a pants vending

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