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19 Mar

nearly overlooked nopants

These nopants were nearly overlooked!! But we did (barely) manage to catch this Uggs-folding nopanster on film. (Wright St., in

18 Mar

a quintessential nopanster

Today we were featured in a Daily Illini opinion blog written by a self-declared nopanster! Apparently pointing out the obvious

17 Mar

Hipster cafe. Hipster and nonhipster, both with nopants

And tonight, a contribution by Diva, who made TWO nopants sightings in one outing to Paradiso! The horror! Diva describes

16 Mar

NoPants at the ARC

Here is a girl who stopped at the Courtside Café, not wearing pants. Normally at the ARC we would forgive

15 Mar

NoPants = Major Leg Definition

Sometimes, seeing a nopantster walk by is better than taking a class in anatomy. (Green & Mathews) Tweet

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