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23 Sep

Yet Another Ikenberry NoPants

Is there a law that says you’re not allowed to wear pants in this dining hall? Or remove pants, then

22 Sep

of Montreal NoPants

Tonight the long-awaited 2010 Pygmalion Music Festival kicked off with a fantastic show by of Montreal at the Canopy Club!

21 Sep

Behind Busey NoPants

Walkin’ the nopants walk, talkin’ the nopants talk. Thanks to an anonymous contributor for this one! Tweet

20 Sep

bluuu nopants

Blue nopants, yet, surprisingly not jeggings! That’s what happens when you get distracted by smoothies. Pictured by nopants veteran Mando

19 Sep

UGL NoPants

Studying pantsless: something to do in the comfort of your own room, please. But some undergrads take it to the

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