19 Mar

nearly overlooked nopants

These nopants were nearly overlooked!! But we did (barely) manage to catch this Uggs-folding nopanster on film.

(Wright St., in front of Illinin Union Bookstore)

By the way, even though all of YOU are going on Spring Break, UIUCnopants will not be!! Tune in all week for more nopants action. And if you’ve been waiting to send in a submission, don’t forget to send it our way.

Have a great break from UIUC. We hope your spring break is also a break from nopants.

18 Mar

a quintessential nopanster

Today we were featured in a Daily Illini opinion blog written by a self-declared nopanster!

Apparently pointing out the obvious lack of pants of fellow students is enough to get picked up by the press — who knew?

This nopanster, spotted by the Illini Union about a week ago (when people were still wearing coats!) is pretty much the definition of a nopantster. She’s got the Uggs, the Illini flair, and is walking around the main quad.

Oh yeah — and we almost forgot… no pants. But so did she.

17 Mar

Hipster cafe. Hipster and nonhipster, both with nopants

And tonight, a contribution by Diva, who made TWO nopants sightings in one outing to Paradiso! The horror!

Diva describes the encounter best herself:

“I was casually reading in cafe paradiso around dinnertime. Urbana people usually have interesting fashion sense, but it’s not usually black leggings northface central. Well I captured a champaign girl a bit out of her element. She was sort of failing at the long shirt thing. And I just barely got a hipster girl on her way out wearing floral HIGH-WAISTED no pants with a sweater and belt.”

16 Mar

NoPants at the ARC

Here is a girl who stopped at the Courtside Café, not wearing pants.

Normally at the ARC we would forgive workout outfits that involve nopants (especially for dance/yoga/etc.) … however, I’m pretty sure that with the Uggs and two layers of shirts, this girl is no longer in workout mode.

Thanks to Katherine for submitting this photo!

15 Mar

NoPants = Major Leg Definition

Sometimes, seeing a nopantster walk by is better than taking a class in anatomy.

(Green & Mathews)

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