14 Mar

Cosmo NoPants in the Dark

A somewhat atypical UIUCnopants…

Tights are not pants.

But more importantly, Cosmo covers are not skirts.

Perhaps headed for one of those “We wear things that aren’t actually clothes” parties.

Thanks to Tata for contributing the first ever UIUCnopants after dark!

(5th & John)

13 Mar

Blinded by the NoPants

If I were nopants, where would I be? Some of our contributors answered that question by heading straight for the source of nopants: the mall.

But man, are these pink leggings EXTREME. Check out the side-slits — we wonder if she’s wearing MORE THAN ONE PAIR of nopants…

(And yes, we are aware that Marketplace Mall isn’t technically part of campus. But since UIUC students do often shop there, we think it counts.)

Many thanks to OBVI for contributing this brilliant photo.

12 Mar

North of Green NoPants

In honor of Engineering Open House 2010, going on today and Saturday, we present a special UIUCnopants edition: nopants sightings north of Green Street! These tend to be slightly more rare, probably because that’s where the engineers hang out, meaning a lower girl/guy ratio.

However, this does not mean the nopants epidemic is contained to the south-of-Green area.

First ever North-of-Green nopants sighting! Right between DCL and Siebel Center.

Second spotting — Engineering quad, near Talbot Lab. She’s missing the pants, but got the North Face jacket. He’s the opposite.

Nopants situation at Grainger library, submitted by an anonymous contributor, who pointed out that this is possibly a nopants-nosocks combo (which has been discussed on this blog previously). We would like to note that the backpack appears to be North Face.

11 Mar

Crosswalk Man Isn’t Wearing Pants Either.

In case you’re confused, the arrow in the photo should help you find today’s nopantster!

Thanks to an anonymous contributor for this cleverly shot photo!

(4th & Green)

10 Mar

Triple Whammy

It’s like Abbey (Armory) Road part 2.

But where is Ringo?

Contributed by an anonymous contributor who happened to be just at the wrong place (6th & Armory) at the WRONG TIME.

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