9 Mar

NoPants, NoButtCoverage…

No Socks?

No Service?

No Problem?

A rare nopantster who doesn’t even seem to be trying for the whole butt-coverage idea. Not even halfway. Not even a third of the way.

Looks like leggings are going sockless for spring! (Though technically, people could be sockless under their Ugg boots in winter… we would never know.)

Corner of Green and 6th.

8 Mar

Illini Pride – Pantsless

Nothing like a little school spirit, coordinated with your nopants.


In front of the Ice Arena (Armory & 4th)

7 Mar

Six-Pack No-Pants

Spotted at the Six-Pack by an anonymous contributor, a lovely trio of two sweatpants and one nopantster.

…or nopantsista?

What should the term for person-wearing-nopants be? Ideas welcome!

The interesting thing about this shot is that finally, we see someone (besides on Unofficial) who wants to break away from the black tights and black leggings standard. She braves the light-grey nopants, flanked by two matching, sweatpants-wearing bodyguards, sidekicks, or perhaps roommates.

It’s like a modern day, fashion-disaster Abbey Road cover.

6 Mar

The Green NoPants

Another shot from Unofficial 2010!

Triple whammy!

Spreading the Unofficial tradition of green… without the use of pants.

This photo courtesy of The Sober Nopantster!

5 Mar

These are Unofficially Pants

Lots of celebratory green on Green St… and very few pants.

Happy Unofficial everyone! Party safe and have a fab time!

(Green & Sixth, in front of Murphy’s, obviously)

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