4 Mar

2 girls 0 pants

The sun finally came out at UIUC today!!

And the sweet spring sunlight revealed a disturbing lack of pants, all over campus.

This one is right in front of Lai-Lai Wok on 4th and Green. The direction they’re walking means they missed Pitaya and Urban Outfitters. All those missed opportunities for pants.

3 Mar

no pants on the main quad

Ahh, March. The snow is finally melting…
It’s a beautiful day on the main quad, not to be wearing pants.

Based on the stylish bag, the white sweater, and the Uggs, we can conclude that this girl gave her outfit some thought. Pants neglected, not forgotten.

2 Mar

first uiucnopants guest post!

There are two important announcements today! UIUCnopants is proud to present some news from two active no-pants supporting community members!!

The first is a post on Nick Schmidt’s Tumblr about the mission of UIUCnopants. He takes a stab at generalizing the demographics of UIUCnopants: “My guess 99.9% of them are going to be women and they will be wearing the stupid Ugg boots or some rain boots.”

Stay tuned to see how that turns out. Anyway, thanks to Nick, for the shoutout and the support!!

The second announcement is that UIUCnopants is honored to have its first guest post. An anonymous fan sent in the following two pictures:

A classic nopants moment, right by the English Building. With the ever-popular buttoning Ugg boots, as @schmult should note.

These tights/leggings/whatever-they-are are a little baggier at the bottom, but if you look closely you can definitely see a seam in the middle there, rather characteristic of tights. At first glance, I thought this picture was more in the “uggs with sweatpants” category. Which could be its own website and everything.) Also, yes, more Uggs. Spotted by Newman.

Anyway, thanks again Anonymous Fan, for the high-quality UIUCnopants shots!

1 Mar

trying to walk the pants/no-pants line

While her white shirt is long enough to kinda sorta almost maybe cover her ass, this only serves to distract the casual passer-by from the fact that she is not *gasp* wearing pants.

Taken right in front of the Armory.

28 Feb

County Market, no pants

Shopping for groceries.

Might I suggest, the pants aisle?

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