18 Oct

BarnDance NoPants and Frat NoPants

Double post to help you guys on your NOPANTS costumes for the Halloween Party at Murphy’s this Thursday. Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook!!

Barn Dances: a staple of the midwestern university fall party diet. But wait a minute, isn’t the uniform for a barn dance a cowboy hat, white or black tank top, flannel shirt tied at the waist, booty jorts (oh god), and cowboy boots???

We thought so too. Especially when we see 100 girls in a row spilling out of a frat house onto the barndance bus, all in the above number. But apparently, there’s a barn dance outfit that comes in a more pantsless variety (but WHERE are her cowboy boots?!)

Spotted by Nicole.

Or, if you don’t like the bare-legged cowboy, how about the military nopants option for Thursday? Taken at a frat party by Lauren.

Going into battle pantsless is possibly even worse than farming in nopants. But don’t tell UIUC party-goers that.

15 Oct

UIUCNoPants Halloween Party

UIUCnopants.com and The Pulse Magazine bring you the FIRST EVER NoPants Halloween Party next Thursday, October 21st from 8-10 PM at Murphy’s!!

Wear your nopants loud and proud for this night ONLY!

Prizes will be given out for best nopants costumes in the following categories:
• Best blog-based outfit (care to recreate that yellow number?)
• Best man-nopants (because we don’t see enough dudes in tights)
• Best original nopants (channel that creativity!)

PLUS, NoPants themed games and a photo corner for those of you who have always dreamed of being on the blog (or just want to commemorate this momentous evening).

We’ll be in the new half of Murphy’s. 19+ to attend.

Whether you’re just a UIUCNoPants.com fan, or are a regular contributor to the blog, bring your friends next Thursday and come rock out with your pants off!!

RSVP to the UIUCNoPants Halloween Party Facebook Event

Basically, you have NO EXCUSE not to attend the nopants party!!

Spotted by Caroline on Sixth Street.

9 Oct

The NoPants Trifecta

The UGGS + nopants + north face trifecta strikes for the first time on campus this fall, caught walking back to bromley from the quad by Alyssa. Gotta love all that camel-colored apparel.

Also, very important news! This month, the first UIUCNoPants sister site has launched!! Check out VT NoPants for the latest pantsless-on-campus documentation of Virginia Tech! UIUCNoPants is honored that other schools are jumping on board against nopants at their own schools. It is both refreshing and frightening to see nopants photos on unfamiliar-looking sidewalks.

8 Oct

NoPanda Express

Carolee shares an unappetizing story:

“I was looking forward to some delicious Panda Express goodness all day. Unfortunately, this horrifying sight managed to make me wish I had waited another night before feeding my Chinese addiction.”

Please, only remove your pants once you’re back at HOME after acquiring your Chinese takeout.

5 Oct

Randy’s Double NoPants

First-time contributor Randy sent us TWO nopantsters in one day — the girl above at Wohlers, 9 AM, and Green & Wright around 2 PM. Though he didn’t mention whether he took both of them that day, this is still a good day-in-the-life reflection of the quantity of nopants UIUC students are subjected to on a daily basis.

Randy probably saw at least 10x this amount of nopants that day, but hey, you can’t catch them all.

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