14 Sep

Uggs are Back NoPants

Be warned. It’s mid-September. You thought you could hide from the Uggs forever? Well, you’re WRONG.

First Uggs&nopants sighting of Fall 2010, spotted by Melanie outside the Ikenberry dining hall (what is it with that place?!)

Also, be careful if you planned your nopants outfit so that your shirt was just-barely-debatably-almost-sorta-kinda long enough — you might want to opt for a tote bag or messenger bag instead of a backpack.

13 Sep

Another Tie-Dye Top & NoPants

Pretty sure this is the same outfit as yesterday’s, only for weather that’s 10 degrees colder.

Or else just a sign that colorful tie-dye matches nopants REALLY WELL in the eyes of UIUC students. Because it’s really hard to find colors/patterns that match nonexistent pants.

Wright Street.

12 Sep

Sorority Rush NoPants

“Sorority rush is like, so tiring that I forgot my pants.”

Pictured at the Ikenberry dining hall (which is currently the most pants-free dining hall on campus).

Photo credit goes to f**k LEADS.

10 Sep

Booty Shorts Public Service Announcement

By popular demand: let’s all take a moment to pause and reflect on the fact that booty shorts are not pants either.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with SHORTS, just the way there is nothing inherently wrong with leggings — it’s the way people abuse these articles of clothing that gets the rest of campus a bit flustered.

For both shorts and leggings/tights, a good rule of thumb is: if you can see the entire outline of the bottom of your butt (as depicted above by Gina by the Main Library), you’re doing it wrong. Definitely too much spillage going on here.

And, of course, there are nopants in shorts-style. This one isn’t actually too bad (mostly because cell-phone cameras sometimes aren’t good enough to pick up every last VPL).

At least we have yet to see any nopants-booty-shorts. Eek.

7 Sep

Bottomless Hunger NoPants

No shirt pants no shoes no service… or SO WE THOUGHT!!

Apparently you can ditch all below-the-waist articles of clothing and head over to the new six-pack dining hall. FYI.

Thanks to Gwen for this one!

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