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17 Sep

Illini Pride Executive NoPants

Most heartwarming nopants submission yet: “So we are all on the Illini Pride Executive Board and have themed parties every

19 Jul

It’s Been Too Long Nopants

It really has. It’s been great pretending like nopants aren’t a problem, and going on hiatus for the summer. But

6 Apr

Gladiator Sandal NoPants

I guess gladiators didn’t usually wear pants. Two-thousand years later, Midwestern girls are continuing the ancient Roman tradition by wearing

22 Mar

bookbag: check. Pants: still on the todo list.

Imagine what a nopantster’s morning routine must be like… bookbag? check. do hair? check. boots? check. pants? uhhh…. who put

20 Mar

the street sign should be a nopants xing instead

Street sign conveniently points to a nopantster. This is not the first time this has happened. (Wright & Armory)

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