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21 Feb

Celebrating One Year of NoPants

It’s been three months since the last nopants report and still we’re getting a few submissions a week? You guys

29 Nov

Quadrangle of Quad NoPants

Welcome back to school, kids. Turkey-filled nopantsters taken over the quad! We’re still too much in a tryptophan stupor to

18 Sep

Game Day NoPants

Pride needs no pants. Seen entering Memorial Stadium for today’s game vs. NIU. Thanks to Snackmaster for this one!

14 Sep

Uggs are Back NoPants

Be warned. It’s mid-September. You thought you could hide from the Uggs forever? Well, you’re WRONG. First Uggs&nopants sighting of

13 Sep

Another Tie-Dye Top & NoPants

Pretty sure this is the same outfit as yesterday’s, only for weather that’s 10 degrees colder. Or else just a

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