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30 Aug

School Spirited Friend-of-NoPants

This is a surprisingly common scene. Less than a week into classes, he’s all about this school spirit thing. And

22 Aug

Quad Day 2010 NoPants

Ahh Quad Day, always full of chaos, freshmen, and way too much direct sunlight for those behind the booths. Among

17 Aug

Taste of NoPants

This summer’s Taste of Champaign Festival involved sampling more than local foods and entertainment… local fashion travesties were also represented.

11 Aug

World Cup NoPants

Vuvuzelas weren’t the only fad around during the 2010 World Cup. While soccer teams celebrate victory by screaming and taking

23 Jul

Dreary NoPants

Looking back, UIUC is seriously dreary in early March. And the nopants are just no help as far as brightening

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