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1 Apr

Thank Goodness for the T-Shirt NoPants

Just. Don’t. Move. Pictured at the Neil Street Espresso Royale Cafe. You think just because you’re slightly off campus you

24 Mar

pink bookbag nopants

Another gem of a photo from an anonymous contributor! This nopantster is stationary. While she waits for the bus, or

21 Mar

what do we even call these? nopants? noshorts??

Contributed by 20S8 who took this baffling, spring themed nopants shot on the quad near the Foreign Language Building. Really,

20 Mar

the street sign should be a nopants xing instead

Street sign conveniently points to a nopantster. This is not the first time this has happened. (Wright & Armory)

1 Mar

trying to walk the pants/no-pants line

While her white shirt is long enough to kinda sorta almost maybe cover her ass, this only serves to distract

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