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30 Nov

Vending Machine NoPants

Here’s a proposal: the Illini Union should help remedy the nopants problem on their premises by installing a pants vending

11 Aug

World Cup NoPants

Vuvuzelas weren’t the only fad around during the 2010 World Cup. While soccer teams celebrate victory by screaming and taking

5 Apr

Double Fashion Faux Pas NoPants

Fashion Faux Pas #1: Nopants. Fashion Faux Pas #2: Wearing brown and black together, which as contributor Jules pointed out,

2 Apr

NoPants Party behind the Union

Normally, it’s up to you to wear whatever crazy pants-free outfit you want to a party. Unless it’s in broad

29 Mar

Wardrobe Malfunction NoPants

When wearing nopants outfits with long shirts, it’s important to beware that MISTAKES CAN HAPPEN. Mind your backpack!! Thanks to

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