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9 Apr

Yet Another Quad NoPants

Are people sick of wearing nopants and walking across the quad yet??? Oh wait, I guess not. Come on people!!

8 Apr

April Showers NoPants

Yesterday’s crazy storm, experienced in nopants. Apparently, contributor DC couldn’t help but whip out a cell phone, in spite of

5 Apr

Quadcam NoPants

Here we have presumably two girls: one wearing nopants, and the other wearing no pants. Contributor Bryan had the clever

2 Apr

NoPants Party behind the Union

Normally, it’s up to you to wear whatever crazy pants-free outfit you want to a party. Unless it’s in broad

2 Apr

Springtime NoPants: Ditching Uggs for Flipflops

Ohhhh…. so that’s what’s been going on inside those Uggs all the time… The quad these days is like a

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