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4 Sep

Cloudy with a Chance of NoPants

And now for your nopants weather report: With this week’s frequent drizzling, the quad was transformed into ground zero for

1 Sep

NoPants Travel in Packs

Be warned: in their natural habitat (Green Street), nopantsters often travel in packs. Photo from last semester (don’t worry, the

18 May

Best Buy NoPants

Whew, there’s a LOT going on in this shot. The yellow boots. The steamy hug/cuddle (or rather, huddle?) The nopants.

22 Mar

bookbag: check. Pants: still on the todo list.

Imagine what a nopantster’s morning routine must be like… bookbag? check. do hair? check. boots? check. pants? uhhh…. who put

20 Feb

no pants @ David Kinley Hall

This girl is ready for a rainy day: umbrella, rainboots… but no pants? Her lack of pants offers traction on

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