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9 Oct

The NoPants Trifecta

The UGGS + nopants + north face trifecta strikes for the first time on campus this fall, caught walking back

14 Sep

Uggs are Back NoPants

Be warned. It’s mid-September. You thought you could hide from the Uggs forever? Well, you’re WRONG. First Uggs&nopants sighting of

1 Sep

NoPants Travel in Packs

Be warned: in their natural habitat (Green Street), nopantsters often travel in packs. Photo from last semester (don’t worry, the

28 Apr

Even Spring is Cold when You Don’t Wear Pants

Although the cold days of winter are (hopefully) behind us at this point, even as late as April nopantsters around

12 Apr

‘UggBro’ NoPants

WARNING: This picture is NOT from UIUC: Introducing, the UggBro. Andrew Mahon, defender of the cause, sent us this picture

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