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11 Apr

Side View NoPants

Usually, we, the students at UIUC, spend our days walking in single profile lines. We normally experience a nopantster sighting

22 Mar

bookbag: check. Pants: still on the todo list.

Imagine what a nopantster’s morning routine must be like… bookbag? check. do hair? check. boots? check. pants? uhhh…. who put

19 Mar

nearly overlooked nopants

These nopants were nearly overlooked!! But we did (barely) manage to catch this Uggs-folding nopanster on film. (Wright St., in

18 Mar

a quintessential nopanster

Today we were featured in a Daily Illini opinion blog written by a self-declared nopanster! Apparently pointing out the obvious

16 Mar

NoPants at the ARC

Here is a girl who stopped at the Courtside Café, not wearing pants. Normally at the ARC we would forgive

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